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This space is all about the inspiration I receive from my Father who has given me the exact quality of life that He has in Himself— ZOE. It is with that Spirit I reach out to you as His inspiration takes us all to higher ground. Walk with me!

Officially Out!

Sewa Akinmurewa, an undergraduate in her final year, has been waiting eagerly for the right guy to sweep her off her feet into a sweet, committed relationship with a ring sparkling like that of her roommate,Tomide —the promise of the Scripture her only anchor. 

When she meets Demola, she desires him to fulfil that Scripture but Demola’s promise of forever love comes with some conditions that throw her into a sea of confusion. How far would she go to secure the promise of his ring?

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Have you read?

Three girls on campus are faced with different trials and the need to make choices. They soon discover that every choice has a consequence, and each must bear the cost of her choice.

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She never knew that so much love could bring so much tears. Until …

Ireti loves her boyfriend a lot, and she is sure he loves her, too. But when his affection leaves her with more tears than she bargained for, she wonders if what they have is truly love. Will her tears ever dry?

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